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Entry for the Tiny Library Game Jam.
A MOSAIC Strict TTRPG ruleset for mass combat inspired by tabletop miniature wargames like One Page Rules 


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I like it! 

One observation would be that skill checks with "equal or beat" (if I'm correct in interpreting that as "greater than or equal to") have the strange side-effect that the higher the stat, the worse the unit, which is unintuitive. That's why Fighting Fantasy -likes among others do skill checks with "roll under" stat.

If I get to put this on a table at some point, one addition I think I'd go for would be some notion of "speed" for the units, as in, how often they get to act. Also maybe some kind of flanking rule? Everybody loves flanking.


those are some great points! i hadn't really considered that, as the idea was basically taking the basic mechanics in tabletop wargames like Warhammer and the like (one page rules especially), and that's just how that style of game works with +2 being the best and +6 being the worst but i can definitely see how that could be not very clear for non-wargamers!

i definitely would have liked to maybe add some more rules but given the playing card size i really don't think i could have fit more on without the font being teeny tiny, so i elected to make it somewhat abstract and let the table make rulings as they saw fit,

as for the speed, i could have made it a little clearer but the intention is
1) player activates a unit
2) moves that unit and either attacks or something else (or visa versa)
3) opponent does the same, going back and forth
4) once every unit has activated that is the end of a round and you do it again until there is a winner 

but yeah reading it now i can see there is no mention of rounds and the like, oh well players and GMs are smart enough to come up with rulings!!  

thanks for the feedback!